Event Totals
Total Bets: 10175
Total Staked: 18406576412
Total Won: 15936864781
Most Popular Events
.. had 218 bets placed
.. had 110 bets placed
.. had 98 bets placed
.. had 95 bets placed
.. had 88 bets placed
Top Paying Events in Total Payouts (combined outcomes)
3878155372 was paid out for ..
2648597634 was paid out for ..
2270409211 was paid out for ...
1293325650 was paid out for ..
1150030475 was paid out for ..
Top Paying Outcomes (combined bets)
3878067785 was paid out on Bowling Green +34.5 for ..
2270397836 was paid out on MSU +2.5 for ...
1587220359 was paid out on Memphis +2.5 for ..
1150030475 was paid out on Mississippi -14.5 for ..
1128311229 was paid out on Over 42.5 points for CSU at USC (FCS)
Top Paying Individual Bets
Gutter Cobreh won 1937650000 on Bowling Green +34.5 for ..
$vbphrase[anon] won 1637350000 on Bowling Green +34.5 for ..
$vbphrase[anon] won 1565769922 on Memphis +2.5 for ..
$vbphrase[anon] won 1284847249 on MSU +2.5 for ...
ScoobaDawg won 1150000000 on Mississippi -14.5 for ..
Top Winners (combined bets)
ScoobaDawg has won a total of 4625499995
Gutter Cobreh has won a total of 4190145380
Jack Lambert has won a total of 1305074796
WSOPdawg has won a total of 70281763
Red Sox Dawg has won a total of 52376414
Richest People
Buddy has a total of 2514721390
Jack Lambert has a total of 2182483647
ScoobaDawg has a total of 2147483647
Gutter Cobreh has a total of 2050000000
rolodawg has a total of 1394039886

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