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Thread: The dugout dust-up....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Homedawg View Post
    It's the entire world of baseball and I don't like it. Obviously, our problems are worse than the rest. But how bout this stat, outside of skenes LSU's staff era in sec games was 7.15 BEFORE sundays game, one they got routed in!!! Skenes is a game changer and changed that entire team. Just think if we had him and Cade were our sat guy.... others have stated it but that stat points it out.
    We are 1-7 in SEC openers so yeah Skenes would have probably saved their jobs.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Coach34 View Post
    Agree. I was a guy that threw 80 with a very good sinker and split FB that dropped down and in to righties. So I got a shit ton of ground balls. I could 4-seam about 82 at the hands and did that at times to keep hitters honest. I gave up 2 HR's in 2 years of juco with a career ERA in the 3's. I could just pitch.(for context- that's late 80's so ease up on the comparision to today). I knew nobody was coming after me because I didnt throw hard enough to move up a level. And I couldnt hit a slider to play everyday in the SEC. But I do regret not taking that offer to walk-on at Okra U.

    We need more guys that can pitch. Holcombe has alot of talent and his country ass can sling it. But Holcombe is a thrower- not a pitcher. I like the kid. But we need fewer of these of more Cade's.
    The difference from then to today is that today you would have gone to driveline and actually threw upper 80s and maybe 90 and therefore would have never HAD to learn to pitch. You would have just been a thrower.

    The mechanics of control are lost on this generation in exchange for velocity because velocity gets noticed. I?ve coached many a showcase all star that gets lots of attention but cant consistently record outs at the high school level because they?re 3-1 on every hitter and walk the bases loaded before the second out.

    I?ve never been a mechanics changer myself. Although a tweak here or there can do wonders. The key to any part of the game is the mental side. I coached a grade A asshole shithead of a kid about 10+ years ago. He ended up quitting before his senior year because he refused to act like a decent human. But the son of a gun was a scrappy dirt bag of a ball player that flat understood the game. If there was an out to be made he got it. He wasn?t full of physical talent but he was as mentally sharp a ball player as I?ve coached. This is what?s missing in todays game. Players that fully pay attention and understand. All these metrics and data have taken that away and it is unfortunate.

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    Seems like more hitters these days are mechanically sound to catch up to that 96mph fastball that being a pitcher is more valuable than being a thrower and was glad to see this articulated by baseball guys.

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    Quote Originally Posted by HoopsDawg View Post
    We are 1-7 in SEC openers so yeah Skenes would have probably saved their jobs.
    Cade had great outings against OM and Auburn that we wasted. Solid against ark too.
    Throw him on Saturday and he will get some wins.

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