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For me, the combination of WOKE, not really being Student-Athletes and NIL, I have lost a fair amount of interest. College sports used to be fun because they were amateurs and they played, for the most part, for the fun of it and to get an education. They were paid with scholarships for a free education. Not so much anymore. Players are there for the NIL money and for the most part they are not students and because they are gunning for a shot at going pro. They shop for the coach that will get them there and not for the school and the education they are getting. To me the atmosphere is different and not in a good way! I never though I would Wayne on my love for college sports but here I am - an old grumpy man!

Another reason is like someone else said win a previous post, I'm in my mid 60s and unfortunately slowing down. A 2+ hour drive to Starkville, 2/3 hour game and then a 2+ hour drive back home is tough. I need a nap in there somewhere?

Maybe the university can build a nap room for us older folks and/or maybe offer a geriatrics bus ride to and from the game!!
With all due respect can you please leave the woke conversation out, all it does is starts unnecessary arguments. As far as student athletes and the NIL situation, as much as we hate it, its not going anywhere.. I'm sure there will be a cap on it eventually and the rules will adjust but its here to stay in College Sports.

I understand all the points everyone is making, yes seating arrangements suck, yes mostly every game is televised, yes NIL is here but I remember the Lawrence Roberts/Timmy Bowers days, Gordon/Rhodes days even the Dee Bost/Moultrie era.. we had amazing fan support. Living here in North Carolina it doesn't matter if Duke, UNC, NC State etc. are playing Idaho school of the deaf and blind, there will be butts in the seats supporting them. I get we aren't those programs, but there was a time the Hump rocked just like the schools here do and I want to see it again, especially for this coach and team.