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Thread: Prayers for Brandon Football and Family

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    Quote Originally Posted by Quaoarsking View Post
    I think we've been over this before, so I'll just remind you that just because someone claims to have "invented MRNA vaccines" doesn't mean he/she actually did.

    Secondly, this article doesn't state that "deaths" are up 40%, just that one particular life insurance company executives says that his particular company has has had life insurance claims rise by 40%. Surely you see the difference in those statistics?
    Depending on how big the insurance company is and how representative their members are, that would seem to be a pretty decent proxy. Should be pretty easy to figure out how many of the excess deaths are at least officially attributed to covid. Not as easy to figure out if the other excess deaths were possibly caused by covid complications or otherwise attributable to Covid but not officially recorded as covid, which might have been due to lifestyle changes due to government reactions to Covid (e.g., excess suicides?), which were due to more or less unrelated issues (increased crime after police reducing proactiveness due to increasing anti-police sentiment), or which may have been contributed to by the vaccine.

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    A player died.

    and y'all ruined this thread instead of paying attention to the real points.
    Just sad.

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