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Thread: the state of Mississippi is 1st in something besides fatasses............

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    Mississippi also has the highest percentage of African Americans by state. African Americans accounted for 55% of all homicides committed in the US according to the FBI in 2019.

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    Drug deaths are more than double gun deaths. You guys let me know how that war on drugs is going. I'll hang up and wait.

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    Nothing will solve these problems except a change in mentality of these thugs and children. Mississippi is #1 in children being born to unmarried woman. The problem isn't guns, the problem is the mentality of these folks and the lack of father figures to raise these kids and give them guidance to become successful young men. Not to mention the courts are 100% against Men in general when it comes to custody and the system is setup to reward woman to have more children with Socialist benefits. The entire system is working how they planned it to work. And like anything the Gov. touches, they screw it up!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tater View Post
    Alright fine I'm here to argue.

    There's one argument for an automatic / semi-automatic gun in modern society. It's **** off, I like guns. Beyond that all others are pretty disingenuous. There's also another solid argument for not outlawing guns that I don't have the answer to because it's not really knowable. "How would you have people turn in the ones already available." It's difficult, but probably have them be compensated monetarily equivalent to purchases made based on registered ones. Unfortunately this solution takes a solid 5-10 years before we get to the end state where guns are astronomical in value ($10k+) and those buying black market guns don't need them.

    All other arguments are just kinda silly. The government has the power to literally drone strike you at will. Your AR15 ain't doing shit.

    Now bolt action hunting rifles? Ain't no one coming for that. Though it feels better to kill deer with a bow and also doesn't ruin as much meat imo.

    This is idiotic. Governments don't operate in a vacuum. There is quite a bit of ground to cover between abuse of the citizenry and indiscriminately bombing civilians.

    Putin could (supposedly) bomb Ukraine into submission. He doesn't do that because he actually wants to rule Ukraine. It's hard to envision a scenario where the US government is willing to indiscriminately drone its own citizens. Even if you had a state trying to violently secede, you'd still likely have a large population within whatever seceding state(s) that don't want to secede and that it would be politically difficult for the US to just kill.

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    Thats right, let's blame an inanimate object and forget individual accountability. So, given this belief, let's outlaw all vehicles as they have also been used in murdering innocent people. Or how about outlawing knives as a man in China killed 30 people with a knife before he was subdued. Where do you stop with this madness? It is not the inanimate object that kills it is the individual that picks up that object with the intent to do harm. The individual should be held accountable - you know the way it used to be.

    When I was in grade school (early 1960s), I carried a pocket knife to school as did most all boys of that day. Yes we got in arguments, scuffled and fought but we never drew a knife on another person. We never threatened anyone with our knives.

    Older high-school kids came to schools in vehicles with gun racks that carried shot guns and rifles but we never had a shooting.

    The problem is not the object used to do harm but the person behind the object - pick your choice of object. The problem with society is that we have lost our moral compass as a society. The Supreme Court expelled God from the public schools in 1962 and 1963, when they ruled that prayer and Bible reading in school had become unconstitutional. Today the moral precepts of the Ten Commandments can no longer hang on the walls of our children's public classrooms - instead we have drag queens in the classroom and public libraries. Yet many people can't understand why we strayed from biblical principles and turned out so rootless and rebellious.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dolphus Raymond View Post
    Let?s just keep doing what we have been doing (Nothing.) because it is working so well.
    There are two things I do not argue about:
    1. The earth being round, and
    2. Whether stricter gun laws save lives.
    Sadly, it will take a few more dead school children before we have the courage to change.
    What do you want to change? It's just not hard for losers to kill people and we're not going to have a society that makes it hard. There are weapons all over the place. Cars and trucks are pretty damn effective weapons. It's not hard to get a hold of poison. You can't reasonably stop people from getting a hold of sharp objects.

    And lots of young men are weird as shit but don't end up killing anybody. You want to start locking them up by the hundreds or thousands to stop the three or four that would have ended up being killers?

    We could probably reduce the number of school shootings with stricter gun control laws, but at the expense of making many more people susceptible to violence, both violence inflicted with gun and without. It's hardly a given (and seems unlikely) that that would be a net positive.

    And we could reduce more typical gun deaths with consistent enforcement of existing laws and more severe punishment, but we already incarcerate a lot of people. Just about every murderer has a prior crime that they could have been in jail for, but a lot of people with crimes that they could be in jail for don't end up murdering anybody.

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    Quote Originally Posted by starkvegasdawg View Post
    Fortunately, in the USA that's the only reason you need.
    I wouldn't say fortunately. But yea it is.

    Quote Originally Posted by DownwardDawg View Post
    I don't pig hunt, but everyone I know that pig hunts uses an AR-15. The goal is to eradicate the pigs. Also, those AR's would do a lot of good in a situation like Ukraine is in right now. That's what the 2nd amendment is about as much as anything else.
    I've never hunted with my AR or my AK but I guess I could if I wanted to. I prefer lever guns, bolt actions, or my bow.
    There's some nuance there about game wardens that should be enveloped into more government jobs to help with hog pest control. But that's so far removed from the main issue it ain't worth getting to that level of detail for me.

    As for hunting, if you can't kill in one clean shot then you don't deserve the kill. But maybe I'm just a purist.

    Quote Originally Posted by somebodyshotmypaw View Post
    Jackson had 155 homicides in 2021 alone. Their population is about 150,000. Nearby Madison has had 1 homicide in its entire history (and it was committed by someone who didn't live in Madison). It has about 30,000 people.

    What is the difference? It's certainly not guns, as Madison has tons of legal gun owners that enjoy guns, hunting, etc. So what is the difference?
    Poverty. Literally poverty causes people to turn towards crime. I'm going to fold my response to you with my response to the 3 dogwhistlers / blatant racists commenting here.

    Literally making guns inaccessible for the poor would eliminate tons of violence. A black market gun costing 25k? The only people who could afford that don't need to kill to eat.

    And the mentally insane wouldn't be sold a gun on the black market either.
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