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Thread: I?ve never been so apathetic

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    Quote Originally Posted by IMissJack View Post
    It starts and stops at the top. We have been headed down overall for a few years.
    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ This^^^^^^^^^^^

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dawgology View Post
    "Karen post"? haha. ok.

    My apathy has 50% to do with the performance of the MSU athletic program and 50% to do with current trends in portal use and recruiting.

    College sports used to be about a student of your favorite school who was competing on the field and representing your school because they were PART of your school. Committed. 100% part of the student body. Now I see mercenaries just like pro-sports. Going to the highest bidder. Good for them for making that money but I think it kills the spirit of what college sports was meant to be. Of course, that spirit has been dying for a while now. Now, I rarely learn the names of players because I know many will be moving on within a year or two.

    This combined with the poor performance of basketball and baseball. Coupled with mediocre results in football and egg bowl losses. In addition to the weird Covid season and everything that went along with that just kind of got me out of it all. I'm sure it has a lot to do with getting into my 40's and watching family members die over the past couple of years and through that finding joy in other places and (not to sounds overly dramatic) discovering the importance a family time and memories outside of athletics. It's a confluence of all of that and many people that I used to go to games with feel the same way now. It's hard to get a big group together to go anymore. Even to get together and watch it at home is difficult now.
    I’m probably more excited than almost anyone about State football this year but the mercenary deal you are Talking about is spot on. I can remember growing up and memorizing the roster and idolizing the guys on our football team. Now you have no idea who is going to be there on a yearly basis. I do understand wanting to get more PT but it’s getting to the point where the superstars on smaller market teams are transferring to blue bloods and that shit is just no fun. College football used to have a loyalty draw to it where your team’s players loved your university and hated their rivals. Now they all hang out together and are friends and try to get the other ones to hit the portal and join them. It’s just gross. When I see Banks and Boobie and Fitz and guys like that get on Twitter and talk trash to ole miss it makes me smile. That’s what it’s all about. Not this bull shit where our players are ending up on the Ole Miss roster. That’s just insane to me that anyone that attends State and plays on scholarship would ever see that athletic program up the road as a destination that they would consider. That should be something we ingrain into our players day 1 when they arrive. We hate that school. There are no buddies over there. That has to come from our head coach. And yea I know everyone does it in 2022 but I don’t like the fact that will Rogers is throwing to Mingo and Heath in the off-season. Anything that makes them better is not good for us. Period. Tell them to go throw with their own damn quarterback.
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