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Well the coaches and umpires should be putting a stop to that type taunting. There is not an organization out there that doesn?t address that type of unsportsmanlike conduct. But teams with that type of attitude have coaches and parents who act that way usually.

Guys, again trust me, they are different and that?s ok, and you absolutely want them cheering and dancing and staying positive. The alternative is way way way worse. You are dealing with young women...a team full of them. If any of you want to get a better understanding of why you will beg them to cheer and do all of that, go coach a 12-15 year old team. The alternatives are frustrating at best and down right nasty at worst. You don?t want them getting sullen and moody and then the drama comes pouring in on you. You do not want that. At all. Ever.

I will say not all girls are like that. My daughter is not a huge cheer type, when she?s pitching she doesn?t at all. She?s usually at the opposite end of the dugout in her head, visualizing or talking with her catcher. But her best friend is very verbally positive. Not as hardcore on cheers but joins in usually but very positive verbally and talkative in a dugout. Their college team still does it but it?s not as much as we have had on her travel teams.
Yep that was the issue. I got on my daughters team one night and told them to stop it. I was working the dugout that night. Had a few parents come over and yell and the kids for not doing their insulting cheers. Parent didn't know I told them to stop. I told them they could cheer but no insulting cheers. I don't think they knew any. The kids just looked at me and didn't say anything. The parent slowly went back to their seat.

My daughter didn't like all the cheer stuff either. Other players tried to bully her because she didn't do it.

The cheering wasn't really that bad compared to the other sick stuff I saw from coaches and parents that one year my daughter tried to play. I saw everything that is wrong in sports and society in general that year of softball.