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Thread: Elgton Jenkins

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    Quote Originally Posted by MoreCowbell View Post
    QB- Dak
    OL- Jenkins, Jackson, Rankin, Calhoun
    DL- Cox, Jones, Smith, Simmons, McPhee, Sweat, Autry
    LB- Wright, Gay, McKinney
    DB- Slay, Abram, Redmond, Gray, Dantzler

    Who else am I forgetting?
    Just need to get some WRs in there now

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    Quote Originally Posted by KOdawg1 View Post
    Just need to get some WRs in there now
    Yea, its gets old that the only former MSU player in the entire NFL usable in a traditional fantasy league is Dak. We really have no skill players available.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Liverpooldawg View Post
    You are forgetting the party line, Mullen sucked at recruiting.********
    Not all of those guys were Mullen recruits. Jackson, Cox, Wright were guys he inherited

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