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Thread: 2nd scrimmage

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    Quote Originally Posted by Coach34 View Post
    Thats crazy. Thinking we wouldnt attempt to hire a 60 plus year old coach coaching on the West coast that is pass happy is very different from discussing X's and O's along with personnel.
    He is 59 and not 60 plus.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Johnson85 View Post
    We are not going to be good, but if you're talking about conference only stats, everybody is in the same boat, so it won't matter for conference rankings, and not everybody in the SEC is a powerhouse. We're going to be bottom third of the conference on defense. I don't think even the most optimistic fan is expecting us to be better than the 9th best defense. But the people acting like we are going to be historically bad are probably overly pessimistic.

    We allowed 32 pts per game in conference last year. If you look at the actual game scores from last year and our schedule this year, it's not crazy to think we'll do a little better this year. We're not going to 24 points a game, but we might could get under 30. Just hard to say because there are so many unknowns. Our pts per game stats could improve a lot if our offense is competent and doesn't have a ton of three and outs and just gives our defense some breathers. We could have a couple of key injuries and be really, really bad. But we're probably going to look a lot like we did last year, which was bad but not horrific. Hopefully an adequate strength and conditioning program and accountability will have us look as good as our defense did with all the players available, which if we can do that, will probably result in us having improved SEC only, per game stats year over year, and probably ending up in that 9th or 10th in the SEC rather than the bottom.
    Nowhere in my posts have I mentioned rankings. I am talking points per game. Maybe we end up 1st or maybe we end up 14th. I just don't think we are deep. I don't think we will be good. And I don't think we give up less than 30 ppg. I hope I'm wrong.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Coach34 View Post
    Well, I do know more than most. Thats why I'm usually correct on X's and O's and personnel.
    I will admit that you are a much better X and O guy from me, but when you toot your own horn and are wrong I'm going to bust your balls. That's just who I am. I generally like your insight. We are all family and want the same thing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 99jc View Post
    Your arrogance is only surpassed by your humility**** ! You will never make a good coach because your as hardheaded as Moorhead. Knowing x's and 0's doesn't mean a dang. ,
    Before 2017- I'd never had an offense throw more than 15 passes in a ballgame. That was about 13 seasons of playcalling. In 2019- We averaged 18,7 passes per game. In 2020- we are 50/50 run and pass. I am the exact opposite of hardheaded as a coach. I'm even using the wide line splits Leach advocates.
    Just out here kicking rocks

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