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    Anyone have any interesting memorabilia ? This was from Clete Boyer at the Baseball HOF ... the lockers shown were Roger Maris next to Mickey Mantle next to Cleet Boyer .... show me what you've got - MSU related would be extra cool

    Maris, Mantle, & Boyer.jpg
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    OXFORD, Miss. (WTVA) - Ole Miss campus police ask students to behave at future baseball games following a recent incident.
    The university said students were reportedly throwing rocks at Georgia baseball players during last weekend's series.

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    I have an autograph from all but 2 members of the '61 Yankees - Maris and Elston Howard. Mostly on baseball cards. In the 80's MLBPA produced an "alumni" address book. I knew someone with one, and send cards with a letter asking for an autograph and with return envelops. Got everyone but Mantle and Berra doing that. Met Mantle at a card show, and got Berra on a '80 Yankees signed team ball (includes Reggie and Winfield)

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    In the early 1960's my mother took us to St Louis two years in a row to see the Cardinals play in old Sportsman Park. We stayed at the Chase Park Plaza Hotel where the visiting teams stayed. The first year was the Pirates. Got the autographs of most of them. Danny Murtaugh-manager, Robeto Clemente, Dick Groat, Vernon Law, Bill Mazeroski plus a lot of others. (Spelling not so good}
    The next year was the Dodgers. Got Walt Alston-manager, Leo Durosha was a coach, Sandy Kofax, Don Drysdale, Maury Wills and more
    Dizzy Dean and Pee Wee Reese were doing the game of the week and I got their autograph too. Dizzy talked to us a while when he found out we were from Mississippi. My sister told him I had "slud" into the bases. For you younger guys that was his word for slide or slid.

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    I have two. One picture with Ali in 1979, he was in a movie in Natchez. My second picture was with John Wooden, he was the first speaker at the Babe McCarthy Banquet. Got autograph from both. Funny thing about Ali, I ask for his autograph and say “ To Coach ******” he ask me how to spell Coach! True story.

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