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Thread: Please keep NIL the way it is

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    Quote Originally Posted by Coach34 View Post
    I've been approached by coaches at the two 5A's he will attend for the 9th grade. He is a no doubt starter as a 10th grader
    He'll attend two separate schools for the 9th grade?

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    Quote Originally Posted by viverlibre View Post
    He'll attend two separate schools for the 9th grade?
    He has his choice of 2 schools. He lives in one 5A district and the other 5A is a magnet school. He is eligible at both schools when he enters the 9th grade.

    I want him to go to Calvary- the best football school in town. Private Christian school with D-1 signees every season. But Momma aint letting it happen because of education issues.

    I'm also still trying to fix his arm angle and delivery. I'm not giving up on baseball yet. He is still very green and will get better.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Extendedcab View Post
    Is this what our world has come to, or maybe been like this for a while (James Brooks, Dexter Manley, Jamaal Charles, Kevin Ross, Jasmine Cathey, and countless others) give me the money and damn the education? How pitiful! They will be taken advantage of, financially, somewhere down the line either by some agent or their own family (Mark Sanchez, Jake Peavy and countless others) or they will squander their money away from a lack of knowledge.

    I am sure it is worse now:

    "As a graduate student at UNC-Greensboro, learning specialist Mary Willingham, researched the reading levels of 183 UNC-Chapel Hill athletes who played football or basketball from 2004 to 2012. She found that 60% read between fourth- and eighth-grade levels. Between 8% and 10% read below a third-grade level.?"

    University of Oklahoma professor Gerald Gurney, who looked into the situation at the University of Oklahoma, put it bluntly: ?College presidents have put in jeopardy the academic credibility of their universities just so we can have this entertainment industry. ? The NCAA continually wants to ignore this fact, but they are admitting students who cannot read.

    For many football stars, money goes just as quickly as it comes. According to Sports Illustrated, nearly 4 out of 5 former NFL players either go bankrupt or suffer severe financial distress within two years of retirement.

    Is this really the position you want kids to be in?
    You are confusing two unrelated things. Athletic ability and personal choices.

    I wanted to be a MLB Shortstop, best in my neighborhood, best in my age group, but clearly not top in my High School. I worked harder than my competition but they were some fine players. 6-3 190 long athletes, better arms, with effortless power. One kid that beat me for SS in high school, only made Polks MSU squad as a walk on Outfielder (the shame) and then never played. But he was a great player. Then the MSU player that beat my pal, made MLB then never played much. A Mendoza hitter from the Dominican Republic was preferred.

    But my sports habits had nothing to do with my class or personal reading habits. It's not like you play for 8 hours per day, you can do other things. I read math, science and business all my life. Personal habit and considered a virtue. But, If the government made it illegal, I would have continued to read illegally. I probably would sell Game Theory books in parks to other kids. Give younger kids gateway books like Harry Potter to make them junkies later.

    Dexter Manley is lucky for his football gifts. Made him rich when his intellect was nowhere need his physical gifts. Lucky also to be born in America where 6-5 280lb guys have a sport to play. In Brazil, he would have been a large security guard.

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