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  1. Ok, then I'll try a different approach with you. I will leave this board if you remove references to the other person. That person works for the school. They give me info sometime because we have a family connection. You remove it, I leave for good. How's that work for you?
  2. Talk to Scooba I don't care. I'll leave this board again and the views will drop.

    You're a negative POS. That is worthless to this fan base. Please talk to Scooba. That would be great. An I don't believe you at all that you're not ETK as the posts and writing are virtually identical.

    Your over the top negativity and speculation hurts the MSU football program. Probably not much but it's a detriment to the program.
  3. Let me explain something to you. I AM NOT ETK. But I do know who he is, and you accusing me of being him, will create problems for him on that board. So if you continue this, I'm I'm going to have a talk with Scooba about it. While you're running around like a little kid, you're creating a problem for a real person that has nothing to do with a damn thing here.
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