View Full Version : Prices/Value of Product of OOC Games - Season Tickets

08-08-2022, 05:48 PM
Just printed parking passes and tickets for family's season tickets. In a world of NIL and Please give more $ to MSU , our OOC product and amount of the $ probably raised for most of these games is a joke and a poor attraction for a college football fan.

Memphis ticket - $35
Bowling Green - $30
ETS - $25

This product is not even worth the gas $ and other expenses for a trip to Starkville. "Crowds" will always be small. Games except Memphis, maybe, blowouts. How does the university even make $ on these games? Our family would gladly pay more for a more competitive opponent with a pulse. I acknowledge $ paid for a better opponent may be a financial wash, but I no longer enjoy playing these cupcakes no matter how cheap the tickets. JMO, 50 plus years season ticket holders (8 t0 12 tickets). Bring on more SEC games and a new scheduling plan asap. Hail State!