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Thread: Serious Question

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ari Gold View Post
    Mother ****ing amazing people still bring up Stands name. Be a ****ing western ky fan and follow Him there.. It’s almost like the Freeze Sheep.
    Maybe the game has passed CBH bye maybe it hasn’t. We are 13-3 and Have played 3 ****ing sec games with 2 on the road.
    You people have to get the basketball played 10- 15 years ago out of your head the game isn’t the same.
    The men’s game isn’t a good product as a whole...

    If we beat auburn sat we are right were everyone thought we would be after 4 games. 2-2

    damn man-isn't this a message board? I'm not saying Ben won't get it done --I think He will.I've been a State fan since you've were shitting green. i hope we beat Auburn. I'm just wishing Howland can get to the Stansbury standard of 20 wins. you don't have to an arrogant 17er. talking about an ex-coach who gave us a chance to win everytime we tipped off isn't any thing like Freeze. if we beat Auburn Ado can't foul out and Carter and Q have to shoot better.

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    Nick Weatherspoon, defense has improved. His leadership skills are too.
    Lamar Peters, nope. Head case. He tries to do things that MJ couldn't do.
    Eli Wright, slightly..mostly defense/passing
    Xavian Stapleton, defense and passing. He is nursing another injury which nobody talks about. His high/flying days seems to be done.
    Quinndary Weatherspoon, ball handling but scoring has dropped. Defense sometimes, not last night though.
    KeyShawn Feazell, where in the hell has he been? Saw him for the 1st time last night.
    Tyson Carter, plays more aggressively. Shooting slump, trying to hard now.
    Abdul Ado, can see his constant improvement, especially scoring now. Double double again.
    Aric Holman, scoring but still too passive/lazy. Never hustles down the floor. Jogging is for old ladies, Aric. He could be an All-SEC player, but doesn't seem to have the desire.
    E.J. Datcher, probably our most improved player.

    Not saying the team has improved to the level I expected, but there have been areas of improvement for most of the players.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CJDAWG85 View Post
    I consider him a freshman since it's his first year actually playing. Both Spoons and Carter were supposed to be scorers. We don't have a leader on this team. We need someone to step up and be vocal.

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