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Dawg fans:

I registered on here and created a profile so that I could ask about game day must do's as I was coming to Starkville to watch my beloved cougs.

Wow, did you guys deliver. I took all of your suggestions, and they were A+.

We started our morning by going down to the Starkville Cafe. Our timing was perfect, as we got the last table, and the line behind us got long really quick. We were decked out in Royal Blue, so we were hard to miss. The manager made a joke about only having biscuits and bologna for breakfast, from last week. Then he welcomed us to Starkville. The grits were delicious and there was a steady stream of State fans making their way to our table throughout to welcome us to Starkville. Anybody who had been to Provo the previous year said so, and complimented us on the lovely mountains in Utah.

Then we made our way to The Lodge to find a Bully Bell, as I had long known about this unique piece of college football memorabilia. Found a good one for a good price in a store that had more maroon than I would have thought was physically possible. Again, we were repeatedly welcomed to Starkville and encouraged to "buy somethin' Maroon!"

Then we made our way to the tailgate scene. Um, I've never seen anything like that. They don't do that out west ... anywhere. I was repeatedly told "this is nuthin', you should see it when there's an afternoon game!" I honestly can't believe how many people and tents were out there. I also was repeatedly shocked by how many women were dressed up like they were headed to a 5 star restaurant or something.

Then came that travesty of a football game. Not much to say about that garbage on the field, but your fans were so polite and friendly and taught us proper etiquette for ringing the bell (stop when the center is over the ball) which also blew me away that your whole stadium instantaneously stopped ringing those bells. They gave us free ice-cream (I forget the name now, but it was the brand y'all recommended).

Then we made our way to the Veranda for dinner, and just beat the crowd again. The shrimp and grits was one of the best meals I've ever had, and again, State fans routinely made their way to our table to thank us for coming to Starkville and share stories of visiting Provo when applicable.

Honestly, I had high expectations and the trip exceeded them in every way. Y'all are AWESOME. I've been cheering you on ever since, and all through that game against Alabama I was yelling "Hail State!" at every first down.
Super cool post. Thanks for sharing, and so glad you guys had a good time. It’s refreshing to hear fans from other schools talk about their experience in Starkville, because we seem to get bad publicity nationally from people who haven’t been in 10 years or more. Thanks again for posting and good luck to your Cougs going forward