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Thread: Deddrick thomas

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    Deddrick thomas

    Little shoutout for him. He has really caught a ton of criticism this season, but he has made a couple really big plays for us the last 2 games. Perhaps he was wrote off too early... just a sophomore and making some big plays here and there. Vs LSU, Georgia, and bama, he has 5 catches 91 yds (18.2 per catch) 1 td. I think we need to find a way to get the ball in his hands more, and deddrick, you have to catch the ball when we do.

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    The few games I saw of his HS career , he was a playmaker. He just needed a little time to adjust to the college game. He will contribute more and more with experience.

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    He's one of my favorites, especially being a Memphis kid. I think he's just had some bad luck with the drops this year because he's supposedly always had very reliable hands in practice and didn't seem to have any issues last year as far as I can remember. Definitely made some big plays for us this year despite the struggles at times and he has two more promising years with us ahead of him.

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    He definitely reminded me of Gray when he caught that first punt the other night.

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    Our WR next year should be much improved with extra players and more experience. Thomas, Dear, Mixon, Couch, Todd, and Mitchell and then add in Guidry, Heath and possibly Jason will be nice.
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