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Thread: Updated SEC stats

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    Quote Originally Posted by Todd4State View Post
    I agree about not having all three bunched together. But we have to play Lovelady and LA right now. We don't have much of a choice. So complaining about those two is bated breath.

    LA is simply the chosen scapegoat that some of our fans have chosen. There's always a Sam Frost, a Reid Humphreys and it will always be someone.
    LA wouldn't be so glaring if we hit him 9th. Instead, we have one of our better hitters hitting ninth in Stovall. We really should hit Stovall further up the order since we have so many holes in the lineup. I'd really take benching Poole for starters and putting Alexander ninth and maybe moving Stovall to the eight spot to break up the rally killer 3. Lovelady hasn't been that bad and was a big reason we won the A&M Sunday game so I'm not going to rag on him that much. Alexander does have five home runs so you just hope he comes out of his huge slump soon as he has a chance to hit a homer or extra base hit. We can replace Poole in the lineup and should for the forseeable future. There is really no excuse to play him right now.

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    What about this....
    - Stovall
    - Mangum
    - Rooker
    - Gridley
    - Brown
    - Bragg
    - Macnamee
    - Lovelady
    - Vansue

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    Quote Originally Posted by CadaverDawg View Post
    To be fair Lovelady has been way better than the other 2

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