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    Reverend Buck will NOT be at SEC Media Days as Mississippi's coach

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    I don't think he'll be there, but I have no clue if he'll be their coach at the time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Indndawg View Post
    Reverend Buck will NOT be at SEC Media Days as Mississippi's coach


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    When are they schedule to go before the COI?
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    I could possibly buy the not being at media day, but I don't see any reason that he will not be their coach still. Why would OM be fighting these allegations that Freeze's name is associated with? If they fired him , then they are admitting they are guilty of those allegations. They have to try to protect him, if they want to challenge those allegations.
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    He'll be there. Would get killed in the media if not. More than the CL covers media days

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    Sell. He'll be there and it will be hilarious.

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    Quote Originally Posted by confucius say View Post
    He'll be there. Would get killed in the media if not. More than the CL covers media days

    I guess he could be out of the country like that OM BS on Steve's public record's request.

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    He's scheduled to be there on the last day, July 13. He'll be there and it'll be a bunch of this:

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    Phat Phil skipped Media Days back in the day to avoid a subpoena.....

    It wouldn't surprise me if a leper needed some healing, elsewhere....
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    He will be there. He will read a prepared statement about how glad he will be to get the NCAA stuff behind him. Then he will say can't answer any questions about it citing the ongoing case. Hopefully the only questions he will get will be about it and he will walk out. I wouldn't bet on it though. Most if not all the media will go along with it.

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    He ain't a happy camper, thats been evident for sometime, but today that video of him was priceless.

    I don't lay awake at night trying to figure out whats with his situation, but could his and their reasons be tuned into a buyout on his part and a morals on theirs?

    They gonna be hurting for money for awhile, I would assume that the SEC money will be held back, and donor donations will take a swan dive. Thats got to enter into their reasoning, but if Bjork is pulling the strings, I doubt his whole focus is on whats good for the whole, but what can he do to save his job and reputation.

    Or Bjork feels that he and Freezus are in the same boat, and they will ride it out till the bitter end and see what crumbs drop.

    In other words I don't have a 17 idea.
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    I'm gonna sell b/c TCUN should be giving their response to the COI in early June (roughly a month before Media Days). A short time later (maybe a few weeks, by late June), they will get inside information that the COI is not looking too favorably on their response at which point they will be looking to mitigate the damage to include sacrificing Freezus even though the COI's 60-day window to respond runs into August. The new coach will be in place by Media Days to carry the banner forward,...

    ...but this action is too little, too late for the NCAA as the magnitude of this case, the sheer number of transgressions, and the lack of cooperation and contrition forces their hand. I don't know under what circumstances, but I think the NCAA will delay announcing penalties until late in the football season, if not January 2018, whereby they announce systemic corruption and LOIC and shut the football program down for 2018 and possibly 2019 as this is a precedent-setting case.

    Because TCUN "kept going at it" while the NCAA investigation was ongoing, the NCAA realizes nothing but removing the team from the field of play will shut down the systemic cheating of the Network. Doing so in early 2018 allows for other teams to resolve scheduling logistics and gives the student-athlete time to transfer to programs that allow for the best time to join a new roster, whereas announcing in or around September 2017 somewhat penalizes the schools the NCAA is design to serve and protect and it's student-athlete.

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    After that tweet video today at the golf tourney, got a feeling he won't be there but considering the video and these other recent developments, I'm hoping he will be there. Popcorn shortage and shit.

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