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Thread: Played around in the kitchen today

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    Played around in the kitchen today

    Came up with a Blackened Ribeye Sandwich. Cajun seared Ribeye cooked med rare and thin sliced. I whipped up a roasted garlic, blue cheese aoli to put on a toasted homemade white bun. It wasn't a true aoli since I didn't emulsify the yolk and oil. I was lazy. Shoot me. I mixed 1 tbl spoon mayo, 1 tbl spoon sour cream, 1 tbl spoon blue cheese crumbles, a little bit of roasted garlic, & a dash of paprika. Placed the slices steak over the aoli. Topped the whole thing with satueed mushrooms & fried jalape?o peppers.

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    Damn, that looks fire

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    I really dug on my PB&J lunch today, but now I feel like an ass.

    Well done, dude. That looks amazing. And you get extra points for baking your own bun.

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    1. How do you 'cajun' your ribeye?
    2. What kind of bread maker do I need. Sourdough buns don't exist outside restaurants and I need them in my arsenal.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Uncle Ruckus View Post
    1. How do you 'cajun' your ribeye?
    2. What kind of bread maker do I need. Sourdough buns don't exist outside restaurants and I need them in my arsenal.
    1. Hot flat top sear with Cajun seasoning just like you would a blackened Redfish

    2. The bun I used was more of a homemade hamburger bun. I've never actually made a sour dough. If you have a mixing bowl, bread is easy. All that is in the basic white is bakers yeast (activate it first, melted butter, salt, water, eggs, and flour. You cut out and hand shape your buns, let them rise, and then bake off at 350 whe they reach 2/3 your desired size. Don't over proof or they'll fall. With that basic dough you can add other things to make an onion roll, jap/cheddar, sesame seed, etc... You can even make focaccia if you change the bun prep. On Thursday I'll pull my recipe book and scale it down to something reasonable for home. My single batch makes 70+.

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