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Thread: Donations in honor of godlluB, aka Roger Smith

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    Exclamation Donations in honor of godlluB, aka Roger Smith

    As most on here know Roger, a great Bulldog and one of our original members of the board, is in his last moments of fighting the good fight against pancreatic cancer. We, at Elitedawgs ownership, have decided to honor Roger with a brick at the stadium. ED ownership will cover the cost of the brick but anyone wanting to donate in Roger's name can still do so using the green donate button on our site. Dollars donated for this reason will be earmarked to go to a charity or organization of Roger and his family's choosing. Many posters have requested to help with the stadium brick and this we feel is the proper way to do so. Please feel free to spread this anyway you see fit and we will update information on the donations as we receive message from his family.

    God bless you and your family Roger and Godspeed to you. Go Dawgs.

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    Y'all are absolutely amazing. I never seem to fail to be blown away by the love and generosity, among ED members, and the whole Bulldog Family.

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    It's family man, you know that, and you are part of it!

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    Man, I'll tell you what, I don't care what the Rebears say, this is the best site on the interwebs! And full of some really great members! Godspeed Roger!! You are a great Bulldog!!
    "**** yeah you cocksucking ascot wearing Klansmen. Thank you" - C34 on UNM beating aTm to allow MState Baseball to win outright 2016 SEC Baseball Championship!

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    Godspeed my fellow BULLDOG, prayers go to you and your family!

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    this is awesome. hailstate. godspeed my friend

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    It's things like this that set this site apart in my opinion. I've never been around any other message board so maybe it isn't uncommon, I can't attest to that. I don't know any of you other than a screen name and yet time and time again I've been fortunate enough to witness this site raise up and help their fellow man. I don't know you either godlluB, but I have read so many encouraging words about you and your fight that I know you'll be in good hands. I can honestly say I'm proud to have been fortunate enough to read your story and see the good that you've been able to bring out in your fellow Dawgs. May God bless you and your family.

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    Can we get this at the top? And for some reason I don't see a donate button

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    Quote Originally Posted by tireddawg View Post
    Can we get this at the top? And for some reason I don't see a donate button
    The green donate button is next to quick links and under the GTHOM link toward the top of the page- just above where the posts begin. I've heard if you are in mobile view on your phone- it doesn't show. Not sure about that though

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    Is the donate button visible from phone or do you need to be on computer?

    Eta: nm, thanks random

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    Yes! I don't see the green donate button, but I'm also on my phone if that has any reason why.

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    Go to desktop view on your phone and you will be able to see it

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    try clicking this link if you can't see it on mobile.

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    Any updates on godlluB's condition?

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